Andre LedouxAndre Ledoux

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Voise

Andre Ledoux is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and Founder of VOISE, a decentralized music streaming platform built around an ethereum token that helps indie artists profit from their work.

VOISE is a new-age music platform that leverages on the cryptocurrency technology to create a fair and easy to use solution that can potentially benefit everyone, including the artists and end users. Conceptualized in (2016), the platform breaks free from the well-established model set in place by the record labels, cuts out the middlemen to ensure that the artists get an opportunity to earn what they deserve for their efforts.

It is a well-established fact that about 40% of the revenues from music sales are charged as a commission by distribution channels, leaving the artists with meager earnings. Only another alternative for the artists is to sell their music themselves over existing platforms with limited results.

By introducing the decentralized, smart contract based platform, VOISE reduces the dependency on third parties, offers musicians thefreedom to choose how they wish to sell their work and reach out to their fans. In addition, VOISE promises to share 100% of the revenue from sales with the artists, which is unheard of in traditional setups until now.

For users, VOISE presents an all-too-familiar interface, just like various music sharing platforms they have used before. The experience is further enhanced by enabling both fiat and cryptocurrency transactions, which not only encourages people to readily purchase what they like using their choice of payment method but also sensitizes them to the use of cryptocurrencies.

Music is just the beginning! VOISE will soon expand the service to include e-books and other digital content, all available for purchase with VOISE Tokens and other payment methods.

Music Unchained On The Blockchain.